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The founder of Bridge to Learning is a practicing Certified Special Education teacher who has worked as a consultant for private schools and saw a significant need for students to receive special education support services that were not being met. Due to budgetary constraints, schools were unable to provide resource room teachers and these children would either fall significantly behind their chronologically aged peers or would be advised to attend public schools because their needs could not be met at the private schools. Sharing her views with numerous administrators, principals and teachers; she began a quest to implement change and reform throughout the private school sectors. Due to her passion, reputation and integrity, the founder was able to open the hearts and minds of principals to open their doors and facilitate change in the New York City private schools. The founder fosters this passion and drive through obtaining teachers that perpetuate the dedication and passion to improve the overall child not just by completing schoolwork but also by improving their self-esteem. Our special education teachers individualize programs that best suit the child's specific needs.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring academic success to each and every student by improving their grades and building their confidence. We pride ourselves with delivering the highest quality of educational services by providing schools and parents with our Certified Special Education and/or Literacy teachers. Our purpose is to bring our children as close to the average aged peers as possible so that they may excel and achieve their goals.


Our goal is to implement Special Education Support teachers in schools to be an extension of the classroom teacher and remediate any weaknesses that the child may have. We utilize the child’ s IEP and work closely with the classroom teacher to develop a program that best addresses the child’s needs. When there is a small group and minimal distractions, the environment becomes more conducive to learning. We work on bridging the gap and we build on foundation skills.

Our teachers incorporate the following:

Low group ratio (1-4 students per session)

Visual and tactile based approach

Behavioral Modification Techniques

Structured Academic Approach

Why Choose Us?

Bridge to Learning has a well-established structured program in hiring the best teachers and implementing small group instruction that utilizes a curriculum based model. Teachers work on building the student’s fundamental academic skills in reading, writing, and math. These teachers also teach techniques to address underlying learning skills, such as auditory processing, word retrieval, attention and focus, memory, visual tracking, math and reading fluency. Techniques used are drawn from multiple theoretical frameworks such as Applied Behavioral Analysis, Orton-Gillingham and other research based models.


Do you have students in your school that are in need of Academic Support? Let us help guide you in setting up a program that custom fits your schools needs. As an Approved Department of Education agency, we handle all the necessary paperwork in vetting the best possible candidate for Special Education Services. Our Providers follow a curriculum-based model that will strengthen the content comprehension of classroom material.
Call us today to start setting up an amazing and effective program that your students will benefit from and don’t turn away a student because you do not offer support services. This can help you create an additional source of revenue in the school that will encourage parents to sign their children up to your school and be a forward thinking school for today’s ever changing child.

Or if you are currently not happy with the agency that you are working with, we would be glad to set up a meeting with you to implement a program that best suits the needs of your school.